Security Security

Beat crime with the Fullstop® Security Range.

The Fullstop® range has been developed to provide the ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for caravan security. Every product is designed and manufactured to offer maximum protection and ease of use utilising Fullstop® Security’s special blend of composite materials which have been specially chosen to be resistant to cutting, drilling and gas-freezing.

A range of Fullstop® Security products have been tested and approved by Kiwa SCM . SCM MP03 includes assessments not usually included in other procedures, such as resistance to freezing and corrosion. At the heart of every Thatcham Fullstop® product is a British made Lowe & Fletcher lock. Lowe & Fletcher have been hand-crafting locks for more than 100 years and this depth of experience was used in full when formulating the unique Fullstop® lock.

So don’t choose ‘just any’ security the best - Fullstop®.

Wheel Locks

Nemesis Ultra - Multipurpose Wheel Lock

Nemesis Ultra

SCM Approved caravan and trailer wheel lock. The patented design prevents wheel rotation and removal. It can be fitted in under 10 seconds with one hand.


Nemesis - Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp


A heavy-duty wheel clamp. The tough design prevents wheel rotation and removal.


Excalibur - Receiver Wheel Lock


High security receiver wheel lock, designed specifically for caravans with alloy wheels.


Nemesis Plus

Nemesis Plus

A high security lock for motorhomes and campervans. The patented design prevents wheel rotation and removal. It can easily fitted in under 10 seconds.


Gemini - Twin Axle Wheel Lock


High security receiver wheel lock for twin axle caravans and trailers.


Hitch Locks

Saracen Ultra - Caravan Hitch Lock

Saracen Ultra

A market leader in hitch security. The Saracen Ultra suitable for AL-KO is Secure, strong and simple.


 Saracen Gullwing -  Caravan Hitch Lock

Saracen Gullwing

SCM Approved caravan and trailer hitch lock. The Saracen Gullwing can be fitted in seconds using only one hand.


Saracen Winterhoff - Caravan & Trailer Hitch Lock

Saracen Winterhoff

SCM Approved caravan and trailer hitch lock. Designed and built specifically for use with Winterhoff hitches, including the WS3000 stabilising hitch.


Saracen Knott-Avonride - Caravan & Trailer Hitch Lock

Saracen Knott-Avonride

A high-security hitch lock that is capable of being used in a number of different applications.


Saracen Bradley Hitch Lock

Saracen Bradley

The Saracen Bradley is a high-security hitch lock designed to fit Bradley Type 3500 and Double Lock 05050 Hitches


Saracen Eyelet Hitch Lock

Saracen Eyelet

The Saracen Eyelet is a high-security hitch lock, designed to fit all standard eye lock hitches.


Saracen Optima - Caravan Hitch Lock

Saracen Optima

The Saracen Optima - A high security hitch lock designed to fit AL-KO AK161 & AK270 couplings



Torpedo - Caravan Leg Lock


Secure your corner steady legs using the Torpedo caravan leg lock.


Guardian Ultra - Locking Wheel Bolts

Guardian Ultra

Secure your expensive alloy wheels with Guardian high-security locking wheel bolts.


Security Hitch Ball

Security Hitch Ball

Security ball to be used in conjunction with a hitch lock to block all 50mm couplings