Milenco wheelclamps to be discontinued in April


 The yellow wheelclamps have been sold under license from Purple Line Limited, designer and manufacturer of the market leading and patented Fullstop Security Nemesis Ultra wheel lock. The agreement between the two companies had been in place soon after Milenco contentiously brought their wheelclamps to the market in 2018. However with the agreement expiring this month, Milenco’s yellow wheelclamps will be disappearing from shelves imminently and support discontinued as they are withdrawn from the market.

The Wraith took advantage of the Nemesis Ultra’s unique fast fitting design. The Ultra can be fitted in under 10 seconds making it the perfect companion to any caravanner wanting to protect their large investment. Unlike the Milenco wheelclamps, the Nemesis Ultra wheel lock is made from 8.5mm thick dual layered hardened steel making it 4 times stronger than mimicked products.

Purple Line’s Fullstop Security range has been offering unique high-security solutions for caravans, motorhomes, campervans and trailers for over 20 years. Trusted by over a million leisure vehicle enthusiasts nationwide. Jonathan Harrison the Managing Director of Purple Line said ‘We work tirelessly to design the best possible products for the market. Our team spends years researching, testing and developing our products, ensuring they do their job and gain the trust and brand recognition in the marketplace’. The patented Nemesis Ultra high security wheel lock is available online and in stores nationwide.