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Excalibur (FRL100) User Manual


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Installation guide and user manual

FRL100 Line Diagram



FRL100 Manual Cover

To download this manual as a PDF document, click below. [English]




  1. Shield Section
  2. Lock
  3. Bolt Receiver
  4. Bolt
  5. Hex Tool 
  6. 10mm Spacer
  7. 7mm Spacer
  8. 5mm Spacer
  9. Keys (x3)

 FRL100 Components

 FRL100 Shield Components


 FRL100 Bar Components


 FRL100 Spacer Ring Adjustment

The fit of the Excalibur can be adjusted as necessary using the supplied 10mm, 7mm & 5mm spacers in any combination as appropriate. The spacers simply screw onto the bolt. Ensure the lip of the spacer is facing towards the end of the bolt in order to retain the freely rotating collar.



CAUTION! Be careful of potential surface damage to alloy wheels when positioning/fitting the Excalibur.

NOTE: Only suitable for factory fitted alloy wheels.

A.   Offer up the Bolt Receiver arm (3) to the caravan wheel from the side.

B.   Position the Bolt Receiver (3) so that the threaded aperture is accessible through a gap in the spokes of the alloy (it may be necessary to rotate the wheel slightly).


FRL100 A and B


C.   Insert the hex tool (5) into the bolt (4). Line up the bolt to the bolt receiver’s (3) threaded aperture (see Fig.B ).


FRL100 C


D.   If necessary, unscrew (by turning anti-clockwise) the Wheel Hub Arm Hex Bolt (7). Do not fully remove.

E.   (see Fig.A & Fig.B for guidance) 

The lock (2) is already fitted through the shield portion (1) in a locked state.

Insert the key into the lock (2), push and turn 45° clockwise to release the locking mechanism.

Fit the Lock (2) into the bolt (4), once inserted turn the key 45° anti-clockwise and remove the key.

If the key cannot be turned 45° anti-clockwise and removed, it is likely that the male lock portion cannot fully engage into the bolt. If this occurs the bolt needs to be extended using one or more of the spacers (see Fig.A & Fig.C for details on spacers).

Ideally, when properly fitted there shouldn’t be a gap any larger than approx. 5mm between the face of the alloy wheel and the back face of the shield.


FRL100 D and E


F.   Remove the key and your wheel clamp is now fitted. Three keys are provided. Please store your keys in a safe place.


FRL100 F



Grease the lock face and ball bearings before first use, with a light oil such as 3-IN-ONE or equivalent. 

Thereafter spray any moving parts of the lock body with a light oil such as 3-IN-ONE or equivalent every eight weeks.



Please store your keys in a safe place and remember to register your product.

Registration is quick and simple, go to Please register within 14 days of purchase. Please retain your original purchase receipt. 



Weight 3.9kg
Height 350mm
Width 230mm
Depth 220mm
Keys Supplied 3



If used properly, your FullStop® product will be an effective deterrent. However, nothing can stop the efforts of the most determined thief, and to this end no liability is accepted for any loss and/or damage caused by any illegal activity including theft or vandalism. Liability also not accepted for any loss and/or damage arising from misuse, unauthorised repair or alteration and failure to follow the user guide directions. No form of consequential loss what so ever will be accepted. 

Photographs for illustration purposes only. Actual product may differ slightly. Purple Line Limited reserve the right to alter product specification without prior notice.